• Players will have different Suffixes (what comes after the name) and Prefixes (what comes before the name) based on their rank, family, and house.


  • For instance, there is a a player named Rhaegar. Rhaegar is Lord of House Targaryen. His name in chat would appear as:

    Lord Rhaegar Targaryen


  • Now let's say there is a Constable named Aerys who is a member of the Targaryen family (All constables are recongized as family members). His name in chat would appear as: 

    Constable Aerys Targaryen


  • Lastly, we have a serf (commonly referred to as peasants) named Daenarys. Her name in chat would appear as:

    Daenarys of House Targaryen


  • This same thing goes for members of the clergy. Let's say we have a member of the church, whose rank is friar, named Lancel. Lancel is a member of the Church of Casterly of R'hllor. His name in chat would appear as:

    Friar Lancel of Casterly


  • If a players rank is different, they will have a different prefix. Kings, Barons, Sers, Archbishops, Priors, and Friars all get prefixes.</li>
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